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Last updated - April 24, 2016

Welcome to the Hintonburg Badminton Club.


What started out as a group of friends, inviting their friends, sixteen years ago grew into the club

that is open for anyone to drop in, any skill level. Last year we expanded to include instruction on Saturdays; this year,

we are trying tointroduce a new competitive element - on weekend a month we will have a competitive ladder system. It is an option

that will take up half of our courts for half the evening (the rest will remain for open play).


During our times of play, there is usually an OLIVER rep who has demo raquets available for use (shoes can be arrnanged if you call ahead of time)

along with small items such as overgrips for sale.


Part of the ODBA since 2007, we are a young club,

over 85% of our members are between the ages of 12 and 30 featuring a variety

of skill levels from novice to recreational to highly skilled members of high school and university teams,

along with several in the masters category as well.


The current season concludes the weekend of August 28th.


The new season begins for our club Friday, September 9, 2016 - Registration this year (same as last year) is a two tier system.

You can pay a one time fee of $5 (plus $3.35 each time you drop in) and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the ODBA;

access to discount card for Sports Experts and no additional surcharge fees for sanctioned tournaments. Or,

You can pay $30 and get a club shirt along with the ODBA benefits.



The club will be open every Friday and Sunday throughout the Summer excluding the following days.

The Sunday of the August long weekend.

The Sunday of Labour Day Weekend.



Is it time for you to go back into the lab to learn a new skill?

Or to improve upon your already existing skill set?

Our Badminton Instruction continues this Fall and Winter. It is a program being run through the City of Ottawa open to youth and adult, and as such,

can be found in the Recreation Guide Online at in the Rec and Culture section.

The course is aimed at novice to intermediate players and will have multiple certified coaches available for training.



Results of the 2014 Luero Open

Men's Singles

Women's Singles

Men's Doubles

Women's Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Junior Girls Singles Draw

Junior Boys Singles Draw

Junior Doubles Draw (Boys, Girls and Mixed)



Our Hours of Operation are as follows:

Friday from 6 to 9 pm

Sunday from 1:30 to 4 pm


General Information

We are located at 1064 Wellington Street West (between Parkdale and Bayswater)

in the Hintonburg Community Center; there is parking available behind the center.

Plus, the OC Transpo bus number 2 stops at the front door and the number 14 stops on Gladstone,

behind the center about a block away.

Our phone number is 613.240.9016.


Rules of Play

We have four courts. Using a score clock, we set them up with 12 minute rotations.

Players can choose their own partners, for new players, we can offer recommendations.

Everyone pays a $3.35 drop-in fee with each visit, it will be collected by the city staff working at the time.

We also recommend players buy the card: it costs $33.50 and includes 10 visits plus one free at the end.

It is shareable between friends and saves people trying to find the dimes and nickels to make the correct drop-in fee.

Have fun, respect yourself, respect your opponent and respect the equipment is a good overall motto.

Yonex (yellow) 300 shuttles are provided for your play as well as OLIVER racquets. If you wish to use feather, you must provide your own.

You do not have to be a member of the club to drop in and play - the benefits of being a member

are explained in further detail on the membership page.