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All photographs provided by Pink Pig Photos.

Luero Open 2011


Jennifer Leung, Benny Chen, Tony Chen, Roy Hoople

Kevin Luo, Albert Ng, Jason Lew, Fei Tam, Jozzepi Foo

Qufei Chen, Linda Nguyen and Jessica Fang



Guilliaune De la Merced, Kenneth Fung, Christina Doan

Anne Wu, Justin Huang, Ipellie Foo, Alexander Ponomarev

Stephanie King and Jacqueline Jia



Boy's Doubles

1st: Kenneth Fung

2nd: Guillian De la Merced

3rd: Ipellie Foo

Girl's Doubles

1st: Anne Wu

2nd: Jacqueline Jia

3rd: Christina Doan

Mixed Doubles

1st: Ipellie Foo/Christina Doan

2nd: Kenneth Fung/Stephanie King

3rd: Justin Huang/Jacqueline Jia

Girl's Singles

1st: Anne Wu

2nd: Christina Doan

3rd: Jacqueline Jia

Boy's Singles

1st: Guillian De la Merced

2nd: Kenneth Fung

3rd: Justin Huang


Men's Doubles

A - Champions

1st: Timothy Wong and Jeck Beng

2nd: Kevin Luo and Anthony Chow


B - Champions

1st: Denis-Claude Fleury and Guilliaume Proulx

2nd: Jozzepi Foo and Kenneth Chan


C - Champions

1st: Joe Gamble and Martin Mcmahon

2nd: Tony Chen and Jason Lew

D - Champions (no image)

1st: Ben Schnell and Brandon Lessard

2nd: Cody Gunner and Yong Tao


Mixed Doubles

A - Champions

1st: Gary Wan and Vivian Tam RA

2nd: Timothy Wong and Adrienne Ng


B - Champions

1st: Lee Turcotte and Brittany Lee

2nd: Victor Chan and Thuy Nguyen


C - Champions

1st: Albert Ng and Linda Nguyen

2nd: Hao Shi and Jessie Luo

D - Champions (no image)

1st: Jian Gong and Anne Wu

2nd: Yong Tao and Beverly Harvey


Women's Doubles

A - Champions

1st: Emily Fleury and Adrienne Ng

2nd: Qufei Chen and Danielle Cantal

3rd: Jessica Fang and Jessie Luo

B - Champions ( no image)

1st: Cassandra Cheung and Patricia Gagnon

2nd: Jean Wong and Andrea Hum


C - Champions

1st: Arielle Beaudry and Winnie Li

2nd: Roxanne Saculles and Angie Li

D - Champions (no image)

Jennifer Leung and Linda Nguyen



Women's Singles

1st: Serena Foo

2nd: Alaina Pecore

3rd: Alyssa Ferguson


Draw Sheets